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This folder contains GenoSTAN chromatin state annotations for 127 cell types and tissues (genome version hg20/hg38 (GRCh38)) from Zacher et al. (2016). Chromatin state annotations are available for GenoSTAN-Poilog and GenoSTAN-nb as bed files or GRanges objects objects (for compatibility with Bioconductor). Signal (whole genome) and training data (ENCODE pilot regions [except dataset1]) are available as R data files. External data used for benchmarking of the segmentations are also available for download as Granges objects.

The summarized annotation (GenoSTAN-Poilog) for promoters and enhancers is available in files GenoSTAN_enhancers.bed/GenoSTAN_enhancers.rda and GenoSTAN_promoters.bed/GenoSTAN_promoters.rda.

Cell types and tissuesare labeled using the Epigenome ID (EID) from the Roadmap Epigenomics project. A mapping of EID to a description of the cell type, tissue and sample type can be found in

To download all files type: wget -rc

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